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Danielle Nicole is an artist based out of San Antonio/Austin, TX and Los Angeles, CA. Her appreciation for the hybrid/hand drawn approach of 90s MTV era animation inspired her methods in creating animated music videos. Her most recent filmography for Richard Bailey’s 2023 film The Dark Sisters showcased her storytelling talent and frame by frame animation style.

Danielle is beyond amazing. Take it from Richard:

“The delight in Danielle Nicole's art arrives from this appealing tension she creates between innocence and wonder on the one hand and a macabre intensity on the other.  Her work is fun but also arresting and strange. We collaborated on a film together, and I couldn't be more pleased with the result. I'm a fan and look forward to her many future creations.”

In 2021, Danielle partnered with film maker, Sarah Lasley, to create Microwave Coven, a film screening hosted in San Antonio, Texas which showcased work of animators around the U.S and Europe. 


Danielle studied drawing at University Texas at San Antonio and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2021. As of today, CalArts is proud to have Danielle in the Experimental Animation Program of fall 2023Outside of school, she makes time to have fun rocking at a concert and showing off her dance moves!

Danielle's Inspiration Board

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