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Danielle Nicole                   


2021    University of Texas at San Antonio, BFA Fine Arts Drawing (Summa Cum Lade)
2023    Experimental Animation MFA Candidate  CalArts


Artist Talk/Interviews

2022     The Creative Connection Podcast, Mel Mendoza

2022    University of Connecticut, Experimental Animation, Professor John O’Donnell


Film Screenings

2024    The Great Film Club, Ladies Reels, (Los Angeles, CA)

2023    Hyperreal Film Club, Summer Shorts, Hotel Vegas (Austin, TX)
              Open-Mic Film Maker, South Pasadena Library (Pasadena, CA)
              Check Out These Shorts, Hey Cafe, Zony Mash Beer Project (New Orleans, LA)
              Honorable Mention, Pebbles Underground Film Festival (Montreal, Canada) 
              EA Gallery Night, Black and White Studio (Santa Clarita, CA)

2022     No Frontiers Art Exhibit, The Mexican Cultural Institute (San Antonio, TX)
               Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival (San Antonio, TX) 

               PompeyWood Film Festival, (Portsmouth, UK)

               Sweet and Smutty Tales of Sorrow, Slab Cinema, (San Antonio, TX)

               Honorable Mention, ATX Short Films Show Case, (Austin, TX)

               Hyperreal Film Club 6-Year Birthday Bash, Hotel Vegas, (Austin, TX)

               L.A Loft Movie Club, (Los Angeles, CA)

               Microwave Coven Presents at AV Expressions, (San Antonio, TX)

2021     Powdered Wig Machine Episode X Premier Party at Presa House, (San Antonio, TX)

               UTSA Annual Juried Art Show, Juried by H. Jennings Sheffield, Associate Professor of                    Art Baylor University, (San Antonio, TX)



2022     Animated characters with backgrounds for Richard Bailey's upcoming film, The Dark                        Sisters

               Self-Organized Film Festival, Microwave Coven Presents, with University of Texas at                        San Antonio Professor of New Media, Sarah Lasley

               “Man Eating Chicken” by Harvey McLaughlin Animated music video

2021    “Pena” by Harvey McLaughlin Animated music video


Group Art Shows

2021      Art Meets Science: Comparative Anatomy Fall 2021 Exhibition, Juried and sponsored                     by The Department of Biology and The Department of Art and Art History, UTSA,                               MS Building. (San Antonio, TX)

2020      San Antonio Art League Museum's Annual Collegiate Exhibition. (San Antonio, TX)

2019      Mythos, Un Grito at Bluestar (San Antonio, TX)

2018      Art Meets Science: Comparative Anatomy Spring 2018 Exhibition, Juried and                                     sponsored by The Department of Biology and The Department of Art and Art History                       UTSA, MS Building. (San Antonio, TX) 

2017      2017 Annual Juried Art Show, Northwest Vista College, Curated by Rachael Marie                               Bower  (San Antonio, TX)


               Frame-by-Frame Animation, Toon Boom Harmony, After Effects



Dance Teacher (San Antonio, TX)

Dance Performer (North and South America) 

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